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The Project

This section of the website will provide a more detailed description of the project by explaining its purpose.


Currently, there is no existing solution for intangible assets valuation. Only for large companies the valuation of their patent portfolios is done manually in order to take the patents as collateral for a loan. This effort is not always possible to be undertaken by SMEs and therefore it results in a lower possibility to secure the loan, even partially, with intangible assets.

In order to tackle this situation, the CoraPatents team will work to build and establish a patent valuation methodology as accepted company assessment standard in the financial industry, that can be valuable for all type of companies, including SMEs. In fact, it is expected that CoraPatents patent based valuation shall support innovative SMEs which have patents to use as collateral, to increase their overall company rating and reduce their credit interest rates, help banks to reduce their credit risk, serve investment companies to develop new innovative products and assist Venture Capital companies to identify and verify innovative deals.

The CoraPatents addresses different target-groups:

  • SMEs and Start-ups: this target may be interested in the valuation reports as they can act as an important element when seeking for funding via loans and risk-capital.
  • Rating Agencies / Venture Capital / Mergers & Acquisitions Companies: these entities are viewed to be interested in the project’s searchable database of valued patents.
  • Asset Management Companies, Private Clients, Institutional Clients: these actors are considered to be interested in the financial products (e.g. trading signals, products families) arising from the developments made within the CoraPatents project.
  • Research Institutes / Research Organisations: this target may be interested in the findings associated to the patent valuation methodology – proof of concept, as well as to the evolution of the financial markets facing this development.

The CoraPatents project is funded by the Eurostars Programme (project nº E! 11618) and the national funding authorities of Germany, Austria and Portugal.

The Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R&D-performing SMEs. With its bottom-up approach, Eurostars supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily lives of people around the world. Eurostars has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. Information about the Eurostars programme available here.

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The Project


The CoraPatents team consists of 4 experienced and committed partners representing R&D-performing SMEs, and bringing together scientists, technicians and business experts from different fields of expertise, fostering the interdisciplinary required for the implementation of the project activities.

Project Coordinator

JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH is an independent investment house geared to international business activities and specialized in Forex and Derivatives.

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JRC was founded in Berlin in 1994. Apart from the front office, the core of the company consists of the department for financial research & development with its highly skilled team of specialists who combine economic knowledge and financial modelling expertise with mathematical and IT-background. JRC combines financial services like the individual asset management in form of managed accounts and fund management with innovative decision support services and financial engineering in form of algorithmic trading strategies. As a financial services institute JRC is regulated by the financial regulation authority BaFin and under the supervision of the German Bundesbank.

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Since founding in 2000, InTraCoM Group is the most powerful partner of companies, when it comes to intellectual property rights (patents, utility models) and innovation management.

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As an experienced and worldwide leading service provider they focus on valuation of patents / utility models, patent families or entire corporate portfolios qualitatively and monetarily that means including value determination. Its customers benefit by the professional, unbeatable fast and high-quality delivery of results. InTraCoM is an accredited partner in the former „signo network“ initiated by the German ministry of economy and developed in the year 2010 the “Signo Standard for patent valuation”.

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Prive Services Europe GmbH is a Fintech software engineering company. The company provides software tools and solutions to integrate advisors, wealth managers, investors and clients into one platform called “Privé Managers”.

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The company’s integrated A-Z Privé Managers software solution covers the full range of areas: Investment Explorer, Consolidated Reporting, Portfolio Management, Client Portal, Client Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process and Workflows, Client fees and commissioning, Illustrations and investment proposals, Security. Privé Managers is a pioneer in the field of Bionic Advisory. Privé Managers brings innovative investment solutions managed by professional investment managers to independent investment advisors and advisory pools with thousands of clients.

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INOVA+ – Innovation Services, S.A. is one of the leading private European consultancy groups in innovation, with offices in Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

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Since its creation in 1997, INOVA+ delivers highly specialized services in research exploitation, technology transfer, funding of innovation, innovation management and Information and Communication Technologies. It was established with the mission to provide world-class consultancy services in business innovation, such as innovation audits, benchmarking and exploitation of academic research, knowledge transfer, technology watch, business intelligence, technology development and marketing, and start-up of innovative firms. With currently over 50 employees in Portugal, a turnover of about 4.5 million Euros and a constant high profitability, the company has achieved several milestones over the last 15 years: it has managed over 40 international innovation projects, and is the private organisation in Portugal with the largest participation in the European Commission Framework Program for Research, Development and Innovation as well as the 11th SME in Europe in terms of FP7 participation.

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MATRIX INVESTMENT GmbH, established in 2012, is a software company delivering sophisticated quantitative investment strategies and serves institutional clients and wealthy private investors. The company focuses on innovative and continuous research aimed at the development of new, actively.

The Project


By the completion of the activities planned within the CoraPatents project, the consortium aims to achieve the following outcomes:

O1 – Patent Valuation Reports

That will provide a description of the qualitative and monetary value of the patent(s) in analysis. These reports will be able to be generated and updated automatically every 6 months.

O2 – Searchable Database

Valued patents which will embed search and integrate different filter-criteria to respond to user’s needs. The valuation reports will be generated via this database.

O3 – Trading Signals for Asset Management

Developed based on patent valuation indicators. For this, the database and search functionality will be customized, linking business and economic data with stock market and patent valuation data.

O4 – New Financial Products

Built on the basis of indicators of patent valuation and other relevant methodologies.

The Project

Public Results

In this section the public deliverables produced during the project are available for download.

D 1.1 Prototyped indicators
D 1.2 Database of harmonized business data
D 1.3 Database of harmonized historical data
D 2.1 Product development accomplished
D 3.1 Test plan
D 3.2 At least 30 reviews of different target groups
D 3.3 Improvement list
D 4.1 Dissemination plan
D 4.2 Website
D 4.3 Collection of showcases (ROI) and studies
D 4.4 International conferences + catalogues of the events
D 5.1 Working group for EN and ISO established
D 5.2 Working group development banks, VC and M&A established
D 5.3 Working group wealth managers established
D 6.1 Refined Project Plan
D 6.2 Project Interim Report
D 6.3 Project Final Report